Why do I love Vinyl?


I have Spotify. I love it. Absolutely fucking love it. It’s on constantly. With the amount of music that I listen I cannot afford to buy it all so Spotify makes perfect sense. Although, last year I went out and bought a record player and a few of my favorite albums. These along with a bunch of records that my parents had in a box in their basement. What made me want to spend sometimes up to $65 on an album that I could listen to on Spotify for a monthly fee? Well, lets dig deeper into that…

Back At It!

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About a year ago I began the process of starting a blog. To be exact it was intended to be blog about metal. On it I wrote about metal news, metal music videos, reviewing new and old albums and my favorite: ranking albums in each of the metal sub-genres and writing about them as I rank them (I have a thing for lists. I even wrote a blog posts on why I like lists so much).