Akróasis is an album came out last year from the German technical death metal band Obscura. They have had trouble keeping together the same lineup through their now four studio albums. Guitarist Tom Geldschläger just joined before this, their latest, album and even left after it. The only constant since Obscura’s inception in 2002 has been vocalist and rhythm guitarist Steffen Kummerer. This makes it quite impressive that they were still able to come together as one to create as fantastic piece of metal such as Akróasis.




I explained earlier here why I enjoy buying vinyl albums.  I have a decent amount of albums now so I figured I might as well go through and review the albums I have and new ones I get along the way.

I picked up this gem about a year ago. To me it is one of the greatest albums all time. A significant amount of  people will put Master Of Puppets ahead of Ride The Lightning, and while they are easily Metallica’s best 2 albums, I put Ride The Lightning slightly ahead.

Why do I love Vinyl?


I have Spotify. I love it. Absolutely fucking love it. It’s on constantly. With the amount of music that I listen I cannot afford to buy it all so Spotify makes perfect sense. Although, last year I went out and bought a record player and a few of my favorite albums. These along with a bunch of records that my parents had in a box in their basement. What made me want to spend sometimes up to $65 on an album that I could listen to on Spotify for a monthly fee? Well, lets dig deeper into that…