Back At It!

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About a year ago I began the process of starting a blog. To be exact it was intended to be blog about metal. On it I wrote about metal news, metal music videos, reviewing new and old albums and my favorite: ranking albums in each of the metal sub-genres and writing about them as I rank them (I have a thing for lists. I even wrote a blog posts on why I like lists so much).

During all of this I was in one of my metal listening phases. It happens. For example right now I am in a 5 month long classic rock phase. As spring and summer approached I became extremely busy at work which didn’t help with blogging. I started listening to more of a variety of music and became more interested in many other things as well. I still loved metal (and still do) but I did not feel like writing about it. So, I stopped.

I do look at my first blog as a failure. I started something and didn’t even give it a chance to grow. Some good did come out of it though: 1)It showed me how much enjoyable writing again can be. 2) I have some material from it that  I can use for a new blog and 3) it showed me that for a blog to keep my attention I need a little more diversity in what I am writing about. With that I give you: Turk’s Labyrinth.

My goal with Turk’s Labyrinth is to fill it with more of a variety of my geeky interests. This includes: sci-fi/fantasy novels, movies and TV shows, comics and graphic novels, photography, my animals or just going on wicked awesome adventures.  I also plan on continuing to write about some of the music that I enjoy (…might uses a few of the reviews that I really like from my old blog).

Also, since I am from Edmonton (Alberta) I plan on having an Edmonton theme to a lot of my posts. This is especially for the photography and adventures posts. So, whether it be walking around the river valley or checking out a cool book store on Whyte Avenue there is tons of fun and geekery to write about in this city

Hope you like it.


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